What are your Warranty Policies?

What are your Warranty Policies?

All our eyeglass frames and sunglasses have a 365-day manufacturer's warranty.  This warranty covers manufacturer defects such as paint chips, metal discoloration, hinge breakage, etc. Every case is individually assessed by our Resolutions Department. To begin a warranty claim, please contact support@glassespros.com and include a digital photo of the issue.

This warranty does not cover accidental damage from handling, shipping, or normal wear and tear.

We cannot be held responsible for duties, brokerage fees, or return shipping expenses arising from manufacturer warranty claims. We will either repair or replace the product at the sole discretion of our lab.

Most prescription lenses & custom non-prescription lenses come with a 365-day warranty. This warranty applies to Polycarbonate (1.59), Trivex (1.53), and all Hi-index lenses (1.67 or 1.74). It covers scratches under normal wear & tear, crazing of coatings, and peeling.

1.50 Index plastic lenses are NOT covered for chipping. If you choose a half-rimmed or rimless frame, we recommend selecting a higher index to reduce the chances of chipping.

In the case of a non-adapt progressive lens (when your eyes simply cannot adjust to the progressive lens after dedicated attempts), there is a 30-day warranty.  Our staff will work with you to find a solution, whether it be a replacement, exchange, or store credit.  

Please note, a $25 service fee may apply to some warranty claims.

For troubleshooting guidelines, please refer to our guide here.